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Installation fails - 'Installing new Talend Features' has encountered

I am trying to install Talend Data Integration ( on Windows 10.
During Installation I am invited to 'Choose The Features To Install'.
I selected (default) 'Required Third Party Libraries'.  Click 'Finish'.  I am then on page to Accept License Agreements.  Accept All and click Finish.
However, job halts with message - 'Installing new Talend Features has encountered a problem'.  Log identifies 'javacsv.jar' as failing to load.  It also reports many children jar files as not loaded.  There is no message stating 'Successfully Installed'.
I exited and restarted the Application.  Upon start up the Local Project is displayed (Palette, Design and Palette).  In the bottom right-hand corner the 'Installing new Talend Features' runs but never goes past 50% before showing the Local project.  At this point I am able to 'Create File Delimited'.
How can I get the missing javacsv.jar file installed along with the children ?
Can I delete the installation and re-try ?  Will the same license file work if I de-install and re-install ?
I look forward to any help.  Many Thanks, wpb.

Re: Installation fails - 'Installing new Talend Features' has encountered

Are you using talend subscription solution?
Is your network Ok with you? Are you behind proxy? You can re-install your studio and the license file will work.
Best regards
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