Installation & Data Migration- TOS 6.0 to TIC -HYBRID license.

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Installation & Data Migration- TOS 6.0 to TIC -HYBRID license.

We are shifting toward product called TIC-HYBRID license from talend open studio.
Looking for guidance on following points.

Installation and configuration 
Complete Data Migration to new hardware

Cuurent env on VM server  :
Talend studio version -TOS6.0 for big data
We are using  now.

1* VM = talend- dev 
1*VM = talend-prod

VM'S Server details are here:

Our Org has just completed the Sales Process of buying the TIC Hybrid License

Next step 
We have to do Installation and complete Data migration from TOS 6.0 big data to TIC product.
Concern Point:
Q1:Ideally,How Many VM'S  machine required over GCE cloud to maintain talend Dev ,prod environment.
Q2:What are the necessary steps to install  and use TIC env . 
As in TOS 6.0 big data -  Earlier,we only ran tos-6.0 exe for windows.
What are other  exe files we need to install here to fully functional run of TIC hybrid product.
Can we install both on same VM. or we need different VM'S.?
a)Talend studio
Q3:How to migrate data from tos-6.0 Big data version to TIC Hybrid Product.
Can we have steps For Migration of data to New Hardware ?
Worry Point: previous,we faced following issue of compatibility which leads to job stopped after migration to new VM.
Earlier,when I tried to migrate data from TOS-6.0 TO  New VM talend -TOS 6.5. Our job stopped working due to Java version compatibility.
Even though we used higher JAVA version with TOS6.5
Then, We rollback the steps and did the same Step again with same level of java +same TOS6.0 EXE. 
Finally, it work for us. 
But this time While Implementing TIC . 
We would like to use Recent TIC windows installer.Also, this time we want to migrate data Peacefully.
please advice on this we are clueless about data migration like what folders,Dir etc.
Any help on it would be much appreciated ?


Re: Installation & Data Migration- TOS 6.0 to TIC -HYBRID license.

You can find required steps to install TIC here: 
You can install Studio and TAC on the same machine. 
As you have subscribed to Hybrid Edition, you can install a Remote Engine. You have more information about it here.
For the migration of local project, you can point TIC Studio the TOS workspace. 
If your are using git, you have to export the workspace and import it in TIC studio. 
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Re: Installation & Data Migration- TOS 6.0 to TIC -HYBRID license.

Thanks for reply. I did not received links mentioned  your message

Re: Installation & Data Migration- TOS 6.0 to TIC -HYBRID license.

The link is 
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