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Installation Problem - "Invalid License"

I?ve put the license key at the base directory of the org.talend.administrator named license (without a suffix/extension). I then restarted JBoss. Upon logging into the Talend Admin Console, I?m still informed to enter the license key. I then attempt paste the entire license key (only 1 line, but 297497 bytes) and this informs me the license key is invalid.
In addition to the directions I?ve followed for the license key, please see attached screen shots demonstrating the issue and the MD5 signature for the license file.
$ md5sum license
a2b5e20da206dc30d47ab48e52828026 license
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Re: Installation Problem - "Invalid License"

When you first time run TAC, you'd better follow the following images.
Start up JBoss. Click on "Set new license". Browse and upload the license file.