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How to deal with encrypted passwords in Talend config files?

In Talend there are several places with encrypted passwords, for example:

  • tac\apache-tomcat\webapps\org.talend.administrator\WEB-INF\classes\
  • dataprep\config\

So stuff like this:


I know that I can change a password to clear text, restart Tomcat, and it encrypts it for me. This works for TAC. But I'm not sure if it works for other Talend components as well (the Talend Installation Guide does not say so). For Data Preparation, for example, there is even this ",Encrypt" missing at the end of the encrypted password.


So my question is:

1. How do I verify encrypted passwords? I mean I do not always want to change a password, but to verify which one I used (for example, "Oh yeah, I really used password "dprep" -> "V4+wDTj9WTW5Qgr214HCXQ==" and not "admin").


2. How do I create encrypted passwords from a command line? Chapter of the Talend Installation Guide says there is an in MDM, but I don't want to install a full blown MDM just to run this one line of code (it does "java -cp "%~dp0/../../apache-tomcat/webapps/talendmdm/WEB-INF/lib/*" org.talend.mdm.commmon.util.core.Crypt %1").




Re: How to deal with encrypted passwords in Talend config files?


Thanks for posting your issue here.

We have redirected your issue to Talend TAC experts and then come back to you as soon as we can.

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