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HDFS connection using Microsoft HD Insights / Azure

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Does anyone know how to connect to HDFS when using Azure Microsoft HD insights?

I got to import an SQL database into the Data Lake, however the only option that I have available to put files on it is the node tAzureStoragePut - which only allows me to put files that are saved in the disk/physical drive.

Is there any way to connect to the Azure Data Lake without the need of having the files stored in the physical drive?

I tried to use the tHDFSOutput however because my Data Lake is stored in the azure cloud I do not have a NameNodeURI.


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Re: HDFS connection using Microsoft HD Insights / Azure


Could you please take a look at this online document about:

We have supported for Microsoft HD Insights Platform since 5.6.

Feel free to let us know  if it is OK with you.

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