Free version of Talend Data Integration tool

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Free version of Talend Data Integration tool

I want to try out the free version (open source version) of Talend Data Integration Tool (ETL tool) for a while, then make a decision if I want to purchase the enterprise one. In the talend website, before downloading the free version, I was asked to fill out my details to get the 30 day license file. I assume I can use the free version tool without any limitation. Can anyone then tell what this 30 day license file is for ?
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Re: Free version of Talend Data Integration tool

Hi Lei,
The 30 day trial allows you to discover the Enterprise features before making your choice to subscribe to one of Talend Enterprise tools .
In Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, you will discover part of the features that are available in TEDI, but not all. For example the collaborative feature for example is only available in the Enterprise version.
On, the page has two parts, one for the Enterprise trial, one for the TOS versions (on the grey background). You can download Talend Open Studio without having to provide any details.
Let us know if you want more information.


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