Feature Updates really slow.

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Feature Updates really slow.

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Feature updates are taking a very long time to complete and most of the time they time out.


This is most probably an issue that is directly related with ISPs in my country (Cyprus) because I've had this also with vanilla Eclipse update sites in the past, up until Eclipse Mars versions and onwards where the Eclipse foundation had their updates infrastructure re-located as well as moving many of their project update sites to GitHub.

I have experienced this issue in Cyprus (All ISPs), Greece (OTENet), Emirates (Etisalat)


Is there any way that I could directly download (via HTTP) the features update sites as archive and extract them manually in Talend's workspace directory?




Re: Feature Updates really slow.


Is there any more message in error log?

To show the Error Log view on the tab system, go to Window > Show views, then expand the General node and select Error Log.

What's talend build version you are using?

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Re: Feature Updates really slow.

Hi Sabrina,


Attached is yesterday's attempt for an update on TOS BI v.6.4

I've noticed that some MVN download URLs where not resolvableSelection_080.png