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Error in tfilecopy component

Hi Everyone,
I am getting following Error while copying file from source to destination.Here file copied successfully but still it showing following error.
java.lang.RuntimeException:The source File "/esb/files/salesForce/netsuites/request/SFTONS_worker_201607040457.xml" does not exist or is not a file.
In my talend job i am using an condition to copy file .I.e. thttprequest--->if(true)---(tfilecopy).
I am not getting this error always but some time it is generating error.The file size is 33KB.
Please help me.
Thanks & Regards
A Ravi Kumar
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Re: Error in tfilecopy component

It might be worth posting a screenshot of the Job, as this may reveal something.
I guess you have confirmed that, when you get the error, that the file is actually created?
Sometimes these error messages are a little misleading, for example, if a file is locked by another process, the errors sometimes suggest that the file does not exist.
I have seem similar issues where a component appears to return that you're good to go when you're not. It may be worth inserting a System.sleep() to test if there is a thread still running that has not finished with the file and just needs a little more time. This is not a solution but may help with diagnosis.