[ESB] Thread Pool Server/client

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[ESB] Thread Pool Server/client



How to set up Thread Pool for jetty server? There is a configuration file etc/jetty.xml according to docs. Is this thread pool shared among all services published by Jetty server on various ports or does it create thread pool for each port separately? In my opinion pool is shared for all ports. Is it possible to set up thread pool for different ports? Do REST and SOAP services use same jetty.xml configuration file?


<Configure id="Server" class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server">

    <Get name="ThreadPool">
        <Set name="minThreads" type="int">50</Set>
        <Set name="maxThreads" type="int">150</Set>
        <Set name="idleTimeout" type="int">60000</Set>
        <Set name="detailedDump">false</Set>


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Re: [ESB] Thread Pool Server/client


Could you please take a look at this document about:TalendHelpCenter:Thread pools?

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