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ESB Runtime can't start



I encountered problems while starting ./trun. Nothing on the screen appeared after start. The process is launched but I can't get anything else...


Anyway I tryed to deployed a job, and there is something weird in the log about org.osgi.framework.bundleException in tesb.log.

And log Karaf.log is OK


I don't know how to investigate, because logs are poor and JVM is equal between Talend ESB and the runtime...


Can you help me please?


Re: ESB Runtime can't start


Could you please clarify in which Talend version/edition you are? What's JDK version you are using?

Would you mind posting your full tesb.log here?

Best regards


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Re: ESB Runtime can't start



Thank you Sabrina for your help.


I'm using JDK 1.8.0_144. Runtime and ESB in 6.5.1.


Here the log tesb.log item2.png