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Download for Mac???

I found several messages on the forum regarding issues on the Mac version of Talend.
However, the Talend download page only lists Windows and Linux versions, and I could find no mention about getting or installing a Mac version anywhere on the site.
What did I miss?
Thanks a lot.
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Re: Download for Mac???

Download the Windows 32, Unix, Linux (GTK based) version. See 4132.
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Re: Download for Mac???

Well, This at least should be mentioned on the download page, with maybe also a quick note about where to find the install documentation.
Mac users are used to a very smooth install procedure: drag to the app directory, double-click to run.
I understand that this "as easy as possible" culture where the computer is supposed to adapt to the user - not the other way around - might not be universal, but here the impression is that it's deliberately obfuscated.
I'll try what the thread you linked suggests.