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Difference between Talend Integration cloud and enterprise edition

Can any one explain difference between Talend Integration cloud (Web browser based) and Talend enterprise edition. 
Thank you.


Re: Difference between Talend Integration cloud and enterprise edition

both tools are built on the same technology foundation and both therefore are able to create and run jobs or big data workloads.
Where they start to differ is as follows:

with Enterprise Edition you require to define, manage and operate your deployments yourself but therefore have full control
with Integration Cloud offers a managed service and you are not burdened with the deployment aspects

Integration Cloud also addresses new use cases over the Enterprise Edition. You can choose from prepacked integration patterns which are found on Talend Exchange and the user can then quickly assemble its own integration flows. With Talend Studio you can build your own patterns and make it available to the cloud user.
For further information feel free to ask more questions here or contact me directly. You may also want to watch the introductory videos at our YouTube channel Getting Started With Talend Integration Cloud and review our documentation at
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management