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Context View is displaying as blank

Hi all, I have recently installed Talend for Bigdata 6.3.0 version . I have imported old project (dont know the version of that) through .items,.properties and .screenshot files as it is directly not importing. If I open any job the context view is displaying as blank. When I tried to open the context from repository it is not showing well under context tab. It is creating another context view with the context name. Please find the attached screenshots. Please help me on this issue. Thank you. Lalitha
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Re: Context View is displaying as blank

how are your importing the previous version job? 


As per my understanding whenever there is version upgrade you need to use the Artifact repository i.e. nexus to migrate from one version to another.





Re: Context View is displaying as blank

6.3.0 should not be used anymore.  You should use 6.3.1 or 6.4.1 which will contain all the necessary bug fixes.  Please update the version you are using.