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Connection to a generic database

Hi - new to Talend - just downloaded it.
I'm starting a new data warehouse project that will then act as a reporting and analysis database for the business running on MySQL 5 on Windows 2003 Server and will also be running Business Objects Server XI. Most of the data sources are either SQL Server 2000/2005 or text files, however I do have some odd ones as well that I've never heard of, and a couple of Adabas D instances. I have the ODBC drivers for Adabas, can I use a connection string or DSN with Talend for a non-supported database?
The transformations were done using a DTS package, currently done with a bcp export to a csv and then a vb script inserts them into the database in the correct fields - works like a dream, but I want something centrally that I can run across the entire group WAN and this would do it - I presume I can schedule the jobs to run say - every 2 hours? I have printed the manual and working through it - I'm not a programmer and don't know Perl or Java, but it looks like it could work nicely.
BTW - Any suggestions or tips/hints that would assist in what I need to do greatfully accepted.
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Re: Connection to a generic database

There are obviously many features in Talend Open studio that should help you to streamline your process.
The learning curve is not so steep, you'll see. The demo project prove to be of great help with other users (Simply import the Demo project from the login window, then you'll get in the Repository plenty of basic jobs covering most components).
Anyhow, don't hesitate to post on this forum if you get stuck and let us know how things go.