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Connect to Cisco Information Server

How do I install a new database type of Cisco Information Server?  I have the .jar files for jdbc but don't know how to install them for use with Talend.




Re: Connect to Cisco Information Server


Are you able to use tJDBCInput component to read your Cisco Information Server database using a JDBC API connection?

Here is online component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tJDBCInput

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Re: Connect to Cisco Information Server

I also just wrote a netmiko-cfg CLI command which allows you to do this:

$ netmiko-cfg --infile test_file.txt cisco
Where 'cisco' is group of devices defined in a YAML file and 'test_file.txt' contains config commands.

$ cat test_file.txt
logging buffered 5000
logging buffered 6000

$ netmiko-cfg --infile test_file.txt cisco
pynet_rtr1.txt:config term
pynet_rtr1.txt:Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
pynet_rtr1.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr1(config)#logging buffered 5000
pynet_rtr1.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr1(config)#logging buffered 6000
pynet_rtr1.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr1(config)#end
pynet_rtr1.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr1#
pynet_rtr2.txt:config term
pynet_rtr2.txt:Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
pynet_rtr2.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr2(config)#logging buffered 5000
pynet_rtr2.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr2(config)#logging buffered 6000
pynet_rtr2.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr2(config)#end
pynet_rtr2.txtSmiley Tongueynet-rtr2#