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CommandLine - Missing jar files - 6.4

We are upgrading from 6.1 to the Big Data Platform  6.4.


Our INT/DEV environment upgrades fine. I compile/generate a job from SVN and have no issues.


In QA, the upgrade works fine, but we're having an issue generating the exact same job in QA from SVN. It appears that when the Commandline is building the work space, not all jars are being extracted as they are in INT. When I look in the workspace .Java/Lib folder I see 9 jar files populated. In QA only 5 jar files are pulled - and thus when I attempt to compile a job we error out with missing jar files.


Something is stopping the Commandline in QA from properly building. 


Any thoughts on what could be happening? Maybe a log file to look at that I'm missing?


I'm almost certain this is a setup issue on our end - not a Talend issue - but I need some directions on how to resolve it so we can get our jobs fully built and deployed on the 6.4 platform. (FYI - we have a workaround as we can build locally and deploy the zip - so this is a 100% Commandline issue on the TAC)  


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Re: CommandLine - Missing jar files - 6.4

Check you TAC and Nexus setup for the artifacts.  Do you have multiple Nexus, one per environment?

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Re: CommandLine - Missing jar files - 6.4

One Nexus for all environments. We're connecting fine in the TAC - no issues or errors.


I've narrowed the issue down to the tSendMail component - as the missing jars are the mail and activation jar. We use this component in a common sub job for error handling. Remove that sub job and the jobs compile fine. Add it in and it fails. What really puzzles me is why one environment works and one doesn't. It just doesn't pull in the jar files for that component when generating the jobs.

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Re: CommandLine - Missing jar files - 6.4

Success - kind of.


I found a knowledge article that identified the .M2 repository as containing the jars and did a compare against my INT environment and QA. Sure enough...I was missing a lot of jar files relating to the tSendMail component - and a few others. The .M2 repository should be built properly on the first start up of the CommandLine - but for whatever reason it failed to load everything in QA. My "workaround" was to copy the repository from INT over to QA; restart the CommandLine...and now my jobs compile successfully.


So while it's working - I'm still not clear why is didn't load everything. But it's working. :-)