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Build Talend MDM Docker image

Does anyone know how to build Docker image with Talend MDM? Installation guide has a section how to deploy MDM using war file. But where I can find it?

It's possible to zip web application from tomcat and prepare MDM home resources manually. But may be someone already knows a better way to do it? 


Re: Build Talend MDM Docker image


Here exists a new feature jira issue:

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Re: Build Talend MDM Docker image

For those who is interested. I was able to create separate images for Talend MDM and sql database for schemas. One last thing that I'm missing is a tool to build schema and jobs directly from sources. Currently, I have to run MDM locally, deploy schema and jobs, move all artifacts to Docker build folder and build images. Instead, I'd like to have a maven plugin or command line tool so I can run it from Dockerfile directly.