AWS Redshift JDBC driver

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AWS Redshift JDBC driver

hello everyone


AWS released new versions of Redshift JDBC driver.


I am using Talend DI and Talend ESB version 6.4.1 which do not use the most recent Redshift JDBC driver (in Modules I see Redshift JDBC 41 used).

I have a Jar file JDBC 4.2 version 

AWS releases JDBC updates on regular basis. The same applies to PostgreSQL JDBC driver, btw, and Oracle and MS-SQL too.

So the question is generic;


Can I have some clear instructions on how to update the Talend 6.4.1 Redshift (and others) JDBC drivers to the latest versions?

I need the instructions for the ordinary DI Jobs and also for jobs invoked via Karaf Routes ESB.


I have found numerous posts on the topic of updating/installing Talend JDBC and found them either wrong (perhaps for earlier versions of Talend Studio?) or at least very confusing.

I am hopeful there is an existing article which apply to Talend 6.4.1 and has clear unambiguous instructions on installing new versions of JDBC drivers.


Thank you



Re: AWS Redshift JDBC driver


Thanks for your suggestion. So far, we don't have any documentation or article about ' Update JDBC drivers to the latest versions'. We will make an investigation on it and then come back to you as soon as we can.

Best regards


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Re: AWS Redshift JDBC driver

Also need to know how does one update the Redshift jdbc jar version from Designer? 


Re: AWS Redshift JDBC driver

There is two ways to override a driver in the Talend software. Just replace the jar file with this new one but keep the old name under the studio\configuration\.m2\repository\org\talend\libraries path. Or just go into the component plugin directory and replace in the .xml files in the <import> section the jar file name.






<IMPORT NAME="Driver-Redshift" MODULE="redshiftJDBC42-no-awssdk-"




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