"Unable to execute validation program" warning when using the Talend Installer


When installing a Talend product with the Talend installer, after selecting a valid license key file and pressing Next, the warning "Unable to execute validation program" is displayed and the installer stops.



This error may occur when using the Installer in the second window after browsing a valid license key file.






When the dist file is corrupted, the installer can't use it to validate the license file. The current error message simply says "Unable to execute validation program", with no further description. The bitrock installer log only says "Validating the license file...", also with no further information.



If the license key file is valid, this error occurs if the dist file is corrupted or incompletely downloaded. You can use the MD5 file to verify if your dist file has been completely uploaded.


Related Jira Issues

TINSTL-79 - Improve error message when installer cannot run the license validation program

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When I ran into this I checked the license file and the MD5 of the dist file and this all checked out. 


Microsoft's  MD5 SHA checker tool that you can execute from cmd:




You can also run into this issue if the file path is to a directory that does not exist yet. And the logs will not show a permissions issue.