"No more user available with the license" error


Only one view of the TAC (Talend Administration Console) can be accessed: the db config page (Database configuration view). The message "No more user available with the license” is displayed.



This behavior occurs only with a commercial edition of Talend products.



The message: "No more user available with the license”

image2013-2-6 10-36-53.png


And no other TAC view can be accessed.

image2013-2-6 13-39-47.png

This may occur when the Administrator changes licenses in TAC:

  • and the new one permits fewer users;
  • or the first license was defined for X connected users and the second one is defined for Y defined users and Y<= X



Currently, the TAC interface does not enable Administrators to correct this issue, so you must fix this directly at the TAC database level. In the table named users, some users need to be deactivated.

Note: Remember to back up your TAC database before making any modifications!


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TMC-3536 - Please enable user reduction in TAC when user registered more than allowed number - Closed


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