You are using a certain number of DI users, but your license allows fewer


After applying a new license to an existing or migrated environment, this message is displayed in the Talend Administration Console (TAC): You are using # DI users, but your license allows only #, please contact your account manager





This behavior occurs in version 5.x.




This error may occur if you have previously created some user(s) of type Data Integration / ESB, with a license allowing DI user(s). But after changing the license, the number of DI user(s) may have been reduced.


Check in the TAC / license View: the Available users area shows the number of users created in the current active licenses, as well as the sum of users allowed in these active licenses. If the type and/or number of available users has changed after a license change, you may get the message: You are using # DI users, but your license allows only #, please contact your account manager. Until this message is resolved, TAC will not function properly.



In this case please check the definition of your license in the view:

TAC > license

and change the type of existing user(s) to fit to the new license characteristics.


Important Note: the Data Integration / ESB type is included in the Data Quality One.

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Hi I am getting the same error but the difference is in I am getting the error in the TAC login screen itself. So I am not able to login and delete the extra users. I am using Talend 6.4.1. Is there any other way to delete the extra users so that the remaining users can login? Thanks
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Hi @kartikdharia,

Sorry for the delay in replying. If this is still an issue, please post your question on one of the Community forum boards, and a Talend employee or another customer will help you.



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Thank you ! No I have managed to the delete the users from backend but something Talend folks should take into consideration when license expires.