Where are the "camel-***alldep-***.jar" files?


Prior to Talend version 6.3.1, many camel-***alldep jars were available in the cConfig "Inner Modules" list of libraries. Since version 6.3.1, these are no longer available.



This was a side effect of the cMessageEndpoint changes that went into all camel-***-alldep***.jar files, as these have been removed by default. Now you need to manually download them either from the Studio Additional Package dialog or offline from a command line.


If you download from the Studio Additional Package dialog, then you will find these jars under your STUDIO-HOME\plugins\org.talend.libraries.camel.alldeps_*******\lib folder. For more details, check the STUDIO-HOME\esb\Readme_cMessageEndpoint_Libraries.txt file.


Related Jira: https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TESB-18232

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I've noticed that the resolution of these libraries work great when you're building a route with the route designer in the Studio - using import org.apache.camel.* as part of cConfig or cProcessor works with no issue. But every now and then when creating a bean, these libraries seem to disappear from the classpath and so the same import statements within a bean editor produce resolution errors. Any idea what the possible cause is here?
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Hi @dferguson,

Please ask your question again on one of the Community forum boards, where your question will get many more answers. If you still need help after that, please contact Talend Support