Upgrading Talend Artifact Repository from version 3.x to 3.15.2

Upgrading Talend Artifact Repository

For more information, see Sonatype's documentation: Upgrading Nexus Repository Manager 3.1.0 and Newer.


The following section describes how to migrate from an existing 3.x Talend Artifact Repository instance to a 3.15.2 Talend Artifact Repository instance while keeping your configuration settings and the artifacts you have previously published to the repository. The new Talend Artifact Repository configuration will be merged with your existing data at the next start-up.


Backing up the existing Talend Artifact Repository data directory

In the Talend Artifact Repository installation directory, the sonatype-work folder is the Talend Artifact Repository data directory that contains the Talend Artifact Repository configuration and data storage (repositories, settings, logs, published artifacts, and so on).


For more information on the different Nexus directories, read the Sonatype Nexus documentation.


To back up the existing Talend Artifact Repository data:

  1. Shut down the Talend Artifact Repository.
  2. Copy the OldNexusInstallationDirectory/sonatype-work folder to the location of your choice.


Resolution for subscription versions


Talend 7.0.1

Log a Support case to have the following TAC patch: Patch_20190326_TPS-2996_v3-7.0.1.zip, or later, assigned to you.


Talend 7.1.1

Log a Support case to have the following TAC patch: Patch_20190419_TPS-3089_v1_7.1.1.zip, or later, assigned to you.


Applying patch TPS-XXXX in TAC

Talend patch TPS-XXXX must be installed before upgrading to Nexus 3.15.2.


  1. Download the patch.
  2. Extract the Zip file, then find the installation instructions in the README.md file.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete applying the cumulative patch before moving on to updating Nexus.

Contact the Support team if you require additional clarification.


Updating to the Nexus 3.15.2 instance

  1. Download the Nexus 3.15.2 version available from the Download Archives - Repository Manager 3 page. Talend Artifact Repository is based on Nexus Repository Manager OSS.
  2. Unzip and install the new Nexus 3.15.2 instance. For more information, see Installing and configuring Talend Artifact Repository.
  3. Paste the backed up sonatype-work folder in the NewNexusInstallationDirectory/sonatype-work folder. When you start the new instance of Talend Artifact Repository it will read the existing repository configuration from the sonatype-work folder.
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According to : https://help.talend.com/reader/iStGlihtXN8Vn6Hc8kQV6w/TEBU3Cwk4wJxEnw2YTmVuA
Should we mention search.json in this KB? 
For Nexus 3.15, if you do not add the search.json script, the patches will not be detected and installed on the Talend Studio side, and you might experience synchronization issues between modules.


Hello @wguo , As per the readme files in TPS-3089 and TPS-2996, the patch to work without the custom script is already rolled into the cumulative patch. 

- TPS-2917: TAC-12222: [7.1.1] Check/test TAC possibility to work with Nexus 3 without custom scripts (TAC-12222)

- TPS-2913: [7.0.1] Backport of TAC-12222