Talend 6.4.1 Platform Installer - Error with 8 or more CPU Windows system

Talend Version (Required)       v6.4.1


Issue with running platform installer with 8 CPU or more in Windows system
Additional Versions v6.3.1
Product (Required) Platform Installer
Component (Required) Installer
Problem Description

Running platform installer 6.4.1 with 8 or more CPU in Windows system throws an error message:


This computer contains 8 logical CPUs.
On such configurations, it is necessary to limit the decompression with the command-line option: 
--parallel-decompression-cores 4
Please re-run the installer with given option.


The 6.3.1 installer runs for a very long time and terminates in the error message "Unable to realloc number bytes".

Problem root cause The problem is related to too many decompression threads. Each thread takes about 350 MB of memory, and with 8 threads it requires about 2.8 GB of memory, which is too big for Windows 32-bit (Talend's Windows installer is 32-bit, even for 64-bit Windows).
Solution or Workaround

The installer should be started with the command-line option, limiting the number of decompression threads:

Installer file name --parallel-decompression-cores 4


For example:

Talend-Installer-20161216_1026-V6.3.1-windows-installer.exe --parallel-decompression-cores 4
JIRA ticket number DOCT-8289
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