License token validation


An Internet connection is required during the license validation process:

  • If you have access to Internet via the Web application, the token will be validated automatically.
  • If you do not have access to Internet, you will need to click either the Generate validation request button, or the Validate your license manually button.



This behavior only occurs in commercial editions of Talend Products.



In Talend Administration Center, a message is displayed:

"License token will expire in xx days"


image2013-2-6 8-29-29.png



image2013-2-6 15-33-58.png

Depending on the version of Talend Administration Center you are using, you will need to validate the license token using:

  • Either the "Validate your license manually" button

    image2013-2-6 8-31-44.png

  • or the "generate Validation request" button

    image2013-2-6 8-35-21.png

A popup with the link (underlined and named link) will be displayed.

If you do not have an Internet connection, this link opens a browser with a token (e.g. j9d87sh9f32ush3d5fu). The browser displays an error message (no internet) but you can copy the link in the address bar and:

  • Copy the link into a text document

  • Go to a computer connected to the internet

  • Paste the link in a browser

  • Retrieve the token (such as j9d87sh9f32ush3d5fu)

  • Go back to the Web application and paste the token into the previous popup window

  • Click Enter validation token

Bookshelf references

In the Talend Administration Center User Guide, you can find additional information about license management and about how to create a notification to validate the token before its expiration.

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Why has my License Token reported that it will expire in 9 days when Talend 6.1 on the server is reporting that it is licensed for over 900 days? The license has been validated before and having redone the validation the message has cleared but this isn't very convenient to do particularly as I think it happened a couple of months ago.
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Hi Bill,

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