Installing the Talend Data Stewardship console as a Standalone


Talend Data Stewardship Console (DSC) is a web-based data stewardship interface, provided within Talend MDM Web User Interface as an add-on or offered as a stand-alone application.



The availability of this tool depends on the options enabled in your license; it needs to be a platform version.



When the stewardship console is integrated within the Talend MDM Web User Interface, it can be accessed through a menu in the Menus panel and it will be installed with the MDM module.


Depending on the platform license type, if you wish to install it as a standalone tool, the standalone download links might not be included in the license key email. There are 2 cases:

  • In your license key email, you will find a specific installer (.jar file) named XXXX-DSC-MMMMM. To install the standalone Talend Data Stewardship Console, double-click the .jar file and follow the instructions. The .jar file is a java installer which installs both a Tomcat server and a .war file that is deployed at server start-up.
  • In your license key email there isn't any "*-DSC-*" file, (e.g. the ones including MDM): you will need to use the installer. In this case, use the Installer (BitRock) to:
    1. Select Talend Administration Center.
    2. Clear Talend MDM Server
      This way, the installer will deploy DSC with Tomcat and TAC
    3. You will need to remove TAC


Related Jira Issues

TMDM-1409 - Allow the DSC to be installed standalone on another app server than TAC or MDM - Closed


Bookshelf references

4.10.1 Manually moving system objects from an XML database to a relational database

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