Installing additional modules on Studio/CommandLine without connection to the Internet

Talend Version          6.0.1


There are currently no options for installing additional modules on a machine without an Internet connection. The only other way is to copy the files from a machine that has an internet connection and where the modules were installed.
Additional Versions 6.1.1
Key words Studio,Commandline,additional modules
Product Talend Data Fabric
Component Commandline
Article Type Installation
Problem Description Installation of additional modules for Talend Studio or CommandLine is not possible on a restricted machine with no Internet access.
Problem root cause Additional modules are not part of the Talend installation media. They are downloaded on demand from external sources and therefore an Internet connection is necessary for this operation to succeed.
Solution or Workaround

Workaround would involve setting up Talend Studio on a spare machine (source), updating it with all the packages needed, and then using the JAR files from this source to update the Talend Studio/CommandLine that you set up on the server that does not have connectivity to the Internet (target).


Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Go to Help > Installation Details from Talend Studio on a machine (source) that has Internet access and has all the necessary packages already installed.

  2. On the Talend Studio Installation Details page that is displayed, click the Configuration tab. This tab displays the system properties, features, and other configuration details.

  3. Make a note of the talend.library.path under the System properties section. This is typically of the form C:\...\configuration\lib\java on Windows.

  4. Navigate to the talend.library.path and move up two levels to the configuration directory.

  5. Search for *.jar files in this and all child directories.

  6. Make a temporary directory called Required_jars somewhere outside the talend.library.path.

  7. Copy the JAR files located in step 5 to Required_jars.

  8. Copy the Required_jars to the machine with no internet access (target).

  9. Create the StudioPath/lib/java and/or CommandLinePath/lib/java directory on the target.

  10. Copy the contents of the Required_jars directory to StudioPath/lib/java and/or CommandLinePath/lib/java.

  11. Launch Studio/CommandLine and confirm that no errors are seen.

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