Installation of Talend Integration Cloud Remote Engine Linux services

The will prompt you to install the service as part of the installation. However, if you use the archive, or you would like to install or remove it manually, use the following commands:

RedHat/Fedora/CentOS Linux system detected (SystemV):

To install the service:

$ ln -s <installl_path>/bin/talend-remote-engine-service /etc/init.d/
$ chkconfig talend-remote-engine-service --add


To start the service when the machine is rebooted:

$ chkconfig talend-remote-engine-service on


To disable starting the service when the machine is rebooted:

$ chkconfig talend-remote-engine-service off


To start the service:

$ service talend-remote-engine-service start


To stop the service:

$ service talend-remote-engine-service stop


To uninstall the service :

$ chkconfig talend-remote-engine-service --del
$ rm /etc/init.d/talend-remote-engine-service


For systemd-compliant Linux:

To install the service (and enable it at system boot):

$ systemctl enable <installl_path>/bin/talend-remote-engine.service


To start the service:

$ systemctl start talend-remote-engine


To stop the service:

$ systemctl stop talend-remote-engine


To check the current service status:
$ systemctl status talend-remote-engine


To see the service activity journal:

$ journalctl -u talend-remote-engine


To uninstall the service (and disable it at system boot):

$ systemctl disable talend-remote-engine
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I would like to install Talend on Centos 7.4 via ssh. I did not find the documentation on it.

Community Manager

Hi @hamza-sellami,

More people will see your question and provide answers if you ask it on the appropriate Community discussion forum, for example Installing and Upgrading.