How to set up HSQL Db as a Windows Service


This article describes how to install HSQL for the DQ Portal as a Windows Service.



All supported Windows versions.



There is no built-in mechanism for installing HSQL Db as a Windows Service.



Follow the installation guide for Job Server using JSL to install a Windows Service (Installing JobServer as a service) and modify the following area(s) in the jsl_static.ini or jsl_static64.ini file to fit your environment:


appname = HSQLService
servicename = HSQLService
displayname = HSQLService
params = 9
param00 = -cp
param01 = <PathToJar>\hsqldb.jar (set this parameter to <PathToJar>\hsqldb1_8_0_2.jar if you use the 5.6.3 release or older)
param02 = org.hsqldb.Server
param03 = -database.0
param04 = <PathToDatabase>\tdqportal
param05 = -dbname.0
param06 = tdqportal
param07 = -port
param08 = 7890 ( set this parameter to 9001 if you use the 5.3.2 release or older)


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jsl_static64.ini, in attached zip file

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