How to deactivate one license in Talend Administration Center 5.3.1


In version 5.3.1, you can enter more than one license in your Talend Administration Console (TAC). There are cases when you might want to deactivate one of them.



This is only valid for the 5.3.1 version.



In version 5.3.1 of Talend Administration Center, in the License view, you now have the ability to enter more than one license. This functionality enables you to avoid downtime.


However, if one of the licenses is expiring soon, you may want to deactivate it in order to avoid the message "your license is expiring in xx days". But currently this cannot be done using the TAC interface.




A workaround is to:

  1. Stop the TAC.

  2. Truncate the license table in the TAC database.

  3. Restart the TAC.

  4. Enter only the licenses you wish to be activated.


Bookshelf References

You can find additional information related to Managing Licenses in the Talend help center.

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