How do I install a patch to CommandLine?

Talend Version          6.x.x


Installing patches to CommandLine after applying patches within TAC.
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Product Talend Data Integration
Component CommandLine
Article Type Installation
Problem Description My patch is not working within CommandLine. When I run the job in Studio, the job works, but if I run it in Job Conductor, I receive the same errors that the patch addressed within Studio.
Problem root cause The patch was not installed in the CommandLine. It was simply applied to Studio.
Solution or Workaround
  1. Start CommandLine manually (.sh or .bat) or telnet to the CommandLine service.
  2. Run the initRemote command to allow your TAC user to connect to CommandLine and apply the patch:
    initRemote http://<TACHOST>:<TACPORT>/org.talend.administrator –ul '<TACUSER>' -up '<TACPWD>'

    Note: Linux machines require the single quotes for TACUSER and TACPWD in order to pass in the right arguments. In Windows, the single quotes are not necessary.

  3. After initRemote, type:

    "listCommand –a"

    This command checks that the TAC logon was successful.

  4. Type:


    This command checks for patches to be installed in CommandLine and updates the CommandLine with the patch.

    After it checks and updates, it will then restart itself.

  5. Test the Job again in the Job Conductor to see if the problem is resolved.
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