Authentication failed in Data Stewardship

Talend Version (Required)       6.4.1


Using the 6.4.1 Installer, TAC, IAM, and TDS were installed, but the user cannot log into Data Stewardship.
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Product (Required) Data Stewardship, IAM, TAC
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Problem Description

After using the 6.4.1 Installer without any errors, the user cannot log into Data Stewardship.


The TAC, IAM and Data Stewardship services are up and running.

The login/user used is Active in TAC.


In the 6.4.1_installer\iam\apache-tomcat\conf folder, the file contains the line



So in this case, needs to be Active in TAC:



The customer was using a hostname similar to this format: aaaa.bbbbb.cccc.dddd.eeee.

So they would access Data Stewardship using a URL such as:

http:/ /aaaa.bbbbb.cccc.dddd.eeee:19999


Looking at the different log files under /iam/logs, this error was found in the idp.log:

2017-09-05 16:41:16.815 -ERROR [http-apr-9080-exec-3] o.a.c.f.s.i.b.EndpointAddressValidator : The endpointAddress value of http:/ / does not match any of the passive requestor values


Looking at the \6.4.1_installer\tds\apache-tomcat\conf\ file, these values for oidc.url and oidc.userauth.url were seen:



Problem root cause  
Solution or Workaround

These values were changed to use the hostname:

oidc.url=http:/ /aaaa.bbbbb.cccc.dddd.eeee:9080/oidc
oidc.userauth.url=http:/ /aaaa.bbbbb.cccc.dddd.eeee:9080/oidc


After restarting the IAM and TDS services, the error was still there but in the idp.log file a different error appeared:

2017-09-06 14:25:00.230 [31m- WARN[0;39m [http-apr-9080-exec-5] o.a.c.f.s.idp.beans.CommonsURLValidator : The given endpointAddress parameter http:/ /aaaa.bbbbb.cccc.dddd.eeee:9080/oidc/idp/authorize is not a valid URL

In this case, the error is related to the validity of the hostname. IAM uses Fediz, but when a new OIDC client is registered, the redirect URL is validated. This means that non-standard TLD names cannot be used.


To resolve this, one line was added to the file:

- restart iam and tds services;

The login was then successful.

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