Community Manager

What Goes Here?

Hello Community!


The goal of this board is to provide an area for sharing the how to's many of our members end up writing when replying to questions on the other boards. It has been an ask from the community that we provide an area that could be used to curate this content and insulate it from the Q&A flow we see on other boards, so here we are. 


Why Share?


For starters, there's nothing better than writing once and linking everywhere. Additionally, it provides great visibility and makes it easier to collect those kudos.  The team and I will be watching this board for content that could be used on the Talend Blogs, Webinars, possibly even a speaking session at @ Talend Connect; we want to highlight the luminaries within this community and this board is the first start. 


You might also see contests in the future where authors of content here will automatically be entered to win so it doesn't matter when you post, just that you did. 


I am a firm believer that knowledge is only useful when it's shared, I look forward to reading your posts. 


Nick Piette

Chief Evangelist @Talend