Redirect the output from the console to a file

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Redirect the output from the console to a file

A common question I get when working on client sites is, "How can we save the output from the console without having to copy and paste it?". The console (from Talend DI v6) is shown below.



Unfortunately there isn't a "built-in" way of doing this, but it is very simple to implement this functionality. All you need to do is start your job with a tJava component and add the code below to it..... outputFile = new"e:/output.txt");
System.setOut(new, true), true));


This code redirects the console output to a file called "output.txt" on the e: drive. Change the file location as required.

Using this trick will ensure that all logging output is sent to the file, but you will no longer see it in the console.

All errors will be shown in the console though.


NOTE: I received a question from @gslokoski about whether the output could be split so that it remains in the console as well as being added to a file. I suggested trying a solution I had found on Google. @gslokoski came back with this solution which I have subsequently tried. It's pretty nice, so I thought I would add it here. All credit to @gslokoski. outputFile = new"c:/temp/output.txt"); fos = new;
//we will want to print in standard "System.out" and in "file" myOut=new, fos); ps = new, true); //true - auto-flush after println

You will need to add the commons-io-2.4.jar which comes with Talend. You can do this with a tLibraryLoad component.