Best Practices using tMelissaData component

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Best Practices using tMelissaData component




we have result Codes for Melissa and Description for every codes in detail

After validating the given source of addresses through Melissa data component

The data is Loaded to staging if the result code column has 'AS01' otherwise we will be sending it to Stewards to take a look at the data.

We have column RESULTS_CODE , which will have codes. (Description for every codes in detail)


IN  RESULTS_CODE column you will find different codes like "AS", "AE" ,"AC""


For Data Stewards team

Please look at the data and column RESULTS_CODE where  you can find the codes to rectify the address

Priorities to rectify addresses (From the column RESULTS_CODE you will find different codes like "AS", "AE" ,"AC")





With The melissa Data component we can leverage the codes and populate the clear message in the tables by using tmap expression, so it will help the business clearly , whether with which courier sevices the Address is deliverable, There are some address which has only usps deliverable and some address will be delivered by all courier services, and also we populate whether the address is occupied or not.


Please look below for tmap expression


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