Wrapper log file not rolling over

Talend Version          6.2.1


 Wrapper log file growing in size
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Problem Description  

The wrapper.log (of Runtime Windows Service Runtime) has a size of 500Mo+ and is not rolling over as expected.
Even though there is the following setting at the wrapper.conf


Problem root cause  

By default, the wrapper.conf shows the following settings about wrapper.log location:


However the wrapper.log is not found under "C:\Talend\6.2.1\runtime\data\log" folder as exptected from the above settings.
As there is no sub-folder 'log' under "C:\Talend\6.2.1\runtime".

This explains why roll over is not working because the wrapper service rolling over mechanism was/is expecting the file under D:\Talend6\6.2.1\runtime\data\log\wrapper.log, but can't find it, so no roll-over.
Solution or Workaround  
Create manually a 'log' folder under your D:\Talend6\6.2.1\runtime\data, then restart the service. The wrapper.log would then be generated automatically under D:\Talend6\6.2.1\runtime\data\log\, and the roll-over will start working again.

Of course you can edit wrapper.logfile= to point to any other location of your choice, as long as the location exists.
JIRA ticket number  https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TESB-18749
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