Talend Studio Unable to connect to Administrator over HTTPS


After an upgrade on 5.4.1 your are having some problems to set up a "https" remote connection on your instance of Talend Administrator. It appears you are unable to connect over https.


Version 5.4.1


  • When you check the URL of your administrator instance it brings up an "Unable to access to url :https://xxxxxxxxxx/org.talend.administrator" error message and you are unable to complete the remote connection setup. 

  • The firewalls are setup correctly and are letting through the neccessary requests.

  • You do not have any problem to import successfully the license from https://xxxxxxxxxx/org.talend.administrator through the studio.

  • All your previous versions have always been able to connect without problem.


    To workaorund this problem add in your .ini file of the studio the parameters:

    -Dtac.net.ssl.KeyStore=C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.36-SSL\keystore\monCertificatHTTPS (path to the key)
    -Dtac.net.ssl.KeyStorePass=xxxxxxxx (keystore password)

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