Requiring a JDK installation to build jobs starting from version 6.0



Starting from version 6.0, Talend Studio requires a JDK installation instead of JRE only to build jobs,  and you must configure the JDK path in  Windows > Preferences > Java > Installed JRES.


  • Talend Studio starting from v6.0
  • Refer to the "Compatible Platforms and Java Environments" section of the Talend installation documentation according to your Talend product version to select the correct JDK version, this article uses JDK8 to demonstrate how to configure the JDK path in Talend Studio.


Staring from version 6.0, a Wrong Java setup dialog pops up whenever Talend Studio starts up, as seen below:

You are required to install a JDK on your machine where Talend Studio is installed, and you must configure the JDK path in Window > References > Java > Installed JRES in Talend Studio before you build jobs. Otherwise,  the target archive file will not be created.

Assuming the JDK installation path is "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45", follow the below steps to configure the JDK path in Talend Studio:

  1. Click Windows, then Preferences, expand Java, and then click Installed JRES.
  2. Click the Add button to install a new JRE or click Edit button to edit an existing JRE, browse to the location of your JDK8 is installed.
  3. Then click OK to validate your change and close the window.


Conflicts between installed JRE/JDKs


If you have several Java installed, make sure to remove the JREs in Preferences > Installed JREs window, in order to avoid the JRE to take precedence over the JDK.

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