Launching CommandLine on Unix-based operating systems


Some of the Unix-based operating systems, such as AIX, AS400 and so on, do not contain the GUI program. However, the Talend CommandLine application is based on Java and the SWT libraries are required to install to support Talend CommandLine. This article explains how to launch the Talend CommandLine on an AIX system.


This article has been tested with the latest version of AIX (7.1), it applies to the listed Unix-based operating systems:

  1. AIX (v7.1 and later)
  2. AS400
  3. HPUX
  4. Any distribution of Linux without GUI


If you look at the Compatible Platforms page, you can see that AIX 7.1 is one of the compatible platforms. However, you are still required to install an external plugin and set an extra configuration for the CommandLine to work on AIX. Follow these steps:

Installing swt.unknown plugin

  1. Click here to download a Jar file called org.eclipse.swt.unknown_3.5.1.jar. This Jar contains the SWT libraries required for CommandLine to run on AIX. 
  2. Copy this Jar file and paste it to the <Talend CommandLine install dir>\plugins\ directory.

Setting extra configuration


This step only applies to Talend CommandLine version 4.2.0 or higher. If you are using a CommandLine version older than 4.2.0, skip this step.

  1. Click here to download an archive file called to anywhere of your file system, and unzip the archive file to your current directory.
  2. Copy the configuration folder and paste it to <Talend CommandLine install dir>\ directory.

Creating a startup script

By default, a separate startup script for launching CommandLine on Windows, Linux and Mac operating system exists, but none for AIX. You need to create a special startup script for AIX. To do so:

  1. In the <Talend CommandLine install dir>\ directory, create a file and name it
  2. Edit the file and enter the following:

    java -cp plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.1.0.v20100507.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main -os aix -arch unknown -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.CommandLine -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace startServer -p 8003
  3. Save the file.

Now, you can launch your Talend CommandLine by executing this startup script.

Migration Command

A similar command as shown below can be used to migrate the Talend Administration Center database when the CommandLine is installed on an AIX operating system. Here, the default database, H2, is used as an example.

  1. Open a command prompt and change to the new CommandLine directory using the cdcommand.
  2. Execute the following command to migrate the Talend Administration Centerdatabase.

    java -cp plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.1.0.v20100507.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main -os aix -arch unknown -nosplash -application org.talend.repository.TalendMigration -consoleLog -data migration-workspace -sourceUrl "jdbc:h2://<old tomcat or jboss installation path>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/
    WEB-INF/database/talend_administrator.h2.db;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE;MVCC=TRUE" -sourceUser tisadmin -sourcePasswd tisadmin -targetUrl "jdbc:h2://<new tomcat or jboss installation path>/
    webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/database/org.talend.administrator.h2.db;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE;MVCC=TRUE" -targetUser tisadmin -targetPasswd tisadmin -vmargs -Xss5m

If you are using other database types as Talend Administration Center database, such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server, please refer to the Upgrading the administration databasesection in the Installation and Upgrade Guide and change the sourceURL and targetURL in the above command.

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