Jobs Not Running on Job Server with ERROR ExecutionTriggerableHelper  - org.talend.administrator.common.exception.UnicityException


It is possible with a problem in the TAC database for Jobs to not run properly. This generally occurs when there is a duplicate entry in the database that prevents normal operation. This will occur with manual or scheduled job runs.


Windows or Linux


Jobs from Job Conductor will not run either manually or on schedule.
The following error is located in the logs:
ERROR ExecutionTriggerableHelper  - org.talend.administrator.common.exception.UnicityExceptionorg.talend.administrator.common.exception.SystemException: org.talend.administrator.common.exception.UnicityException
        at org.talend.administrator.scheduler.persistence.helper.ExecutionTaskHelper.findByIdQuartzJob(
        at org.talend.administrator.scheduler.persistence.helper.ExecutionTaskHelper.findByIdQuartzJob(
        at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$
Caused by: org.talend.administrator.common.exception.UnicityException
        at org.talend.administrator.scheduler.persistence.helper.ExecutionTaskHelper.findByIdQuartzJob(
        ... 5 more


To fix this issue please take a look at the following table in the TAC database:

Table: "ExecutionTask" table

Look for the same "idQuartzJob" duplicated in this table and remove the conflicting entry. Be sure you have a complete backup of the database before making any modifications to it.

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