Issue with GIT Reference project

Talend Version          6.2.1


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Product  Talend Data Integration
Component  Studio
Problem Description  

No objects are visible when referencing a project to a GIT branch.

Steps to reproduce. 
1) Create a GIT project in TAC 
2) Create a GIT reference project in TAC 
3) Login to GIT project using studio 
4) Create a branch in studio 
5) Assign the reference project in TAC to the newly created branch in step # 4 
6) Expected result – Objects in reference project should be visible but the reference project tree is empty in studio

Problem root cause  Actually the branches for the reference are only setup on TAC
Solution or Workaround  
If you want to work on a new branch, the only way to have the reference working on the new branch is to push the branch and setup in TAC.
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