Installing example files in the DI Demo Project


After you import the demo project and open it for the first time, you are required to install the example files that are used in the example Job. This article explains how to install example files on Windows and Unix / Linux systems.


This articles applies to Talend Open Studio for Data Integration version 6.0 or higher. 


Read the recommended resources and advice

Before you install the example files, open the readme Job and read the information, including the recommended resources and advice.

Change the default value of context variable

  1. Expand the Contexts node in the  Repository  viewer. Then open the context group globalContext. 
    Change the value of these two variables according to your Studio installation path:
       workspace: the path of local workspace.
       root: the directory where the example files will be generated, "C:\TalendDemoFiles\" is the default value, you can change it to other value if you would like to generate the example files into another location.
  2. Click Finish. When a window appears with a message about "propagate modification", click Yes. 

  3. When a window appears with a message about "Update detection", click OK. 

Execute job to generate example files

  1. Open the beforeRunJobs Job, click Run in the Run viewer or press F6 to execute the Job.

    Now, all the example files is generated in "C:\TalendDemoFiles\" where you specified for the root variable.
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