How to setup LDAPS for MDM

Talend Version          6.1.1


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Product  Talend Master Data Management
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Solution or Workaround  Part I 
1- Install LDAP 
2- Configure MDM Server to communicate with Directory Server:
 a. the jaas.conf (under mdm/conf/ ) should be like: 
MDM { sufficient 
principalDNSuffix=",ou=Neustar,ou=Staff,o=Neustar" required; 

 b. add the parameters in {mdm}/apache-tomcat/bin/ like:{your truststore file path}{your truststore passwd} 

3- Check that the connection is working (no SSL) 

4- Generate a keystore for LDAP Server 
5- Configure the LDAP server to communicate with ssl (depends on the LDAP Server chosen) 
6- check that the server is correctly answering on the LDAP SSL port with the correct certificate. In my case : 
openssl s_client -connect -showcerts 
7- Export the LDAP certificate to be trusted by the MDM Server. 
note: Downgrade the level of java security if your certificate algo is too weak by commenting in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/ : 
# jdk.certpath.disabledAlgorithms=MD2, MD5, RSA keySize < 1024 
(For example the default certificate provided by default is ApacheDS won't be recognized with this restriction). 


8-Generate a keystore for the mdm server 
9- Generate a keystore for the trusted certificates and import the LDAP server certificate 
10- Configure tomcat to trust these jks 
11- Change the ldap connection in jaas.conf 
12- Restart MDM 

Part IV LDAP (depends on the directory server - no need for ApacheDS, needed for OpenLDAP) 
13- Export the MDM certificate 
14- Import this certificate in a jks 
15- Configure Directory Server to trust this jks 
16- Restart Directory Server 
17- Test 

Part V : Debugging 
18- Stop MDM and generate logs by raising the log levels in $MDM/conf/log4.xml = DEBUG = DEBUG 
19- Add in "" in CATALINA_OPTS 
20- Start MDM 
21- Tail -f mdm.log>test.log 
22- Access the WebUI and test the user 
23- Stop the capture of logs in test.log and check the root cause if something went wrong.
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