How to invoke Talend MDM staging area validation with a Job


The Talend MDM (Master Data Management) Staging Area stores data not validated.  How can you validate data in the Staging Area?

You can do it easily in the Web User Interface, as shown in the following screenshot:

How can you invoke the Staging Area validation in a Talend Job? This article explains how to use the Staging area validation in a Talend Job.


This procedures applies to versions of Talend MDM before 6.0


Talend MDM provides a REST API to perform a staging area validation, you can POST the REST URL, as follows:

Create a Job, add a tRESTClient component onto the design workspace and set the HTTP Method to POST.

In the URL field, type in http://localhost:8180/datamanager/services/tasks/staging/TestDataContainer/?model=TestDataModel.

Run the Job by pressing F6. The Job invokes the Staging Area validation and the Talend MDM server console outputs the following:

In the Staging Area view of the Web User Interface, you will find 17 records that passed the validation.

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Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Import to the studio, deploy all the items to MDM servers.
  2. Import to the studio, run the Job loadjob to load the data into the datacontainer Entity in the Staging Area.
  3. Run the Job tRestClient, it will invoke the Staging Area validation and move the data to the master area.
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