How to install external modules in the Talend solutions with the Data Quality option



Because of license restrictions from third-party vendors, a number of drivers (.jar files) are not provided by default by Talend. Those drivers therefore need to be installed manually in order for the concerned databases to be accessible within your Talend product or for some connectors to be fully operational.


This articles applies to Talend solutions with the Data Quality option up to version 5.3.

From version 5.4, the relevant procedure to install external modules is the following: How to install external modules in the Talend products.


You are getting a message about "missing JDBC drivers"  and an error icon when creating a new database connection, or when unfolding your existing database connections.
For instance, the drivers of the following databases are not provided:IBM DB2 zOS, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase,...


In order to profile these databases via JDBC from TOS for DQ studio ,  you will have to install the jars manually following these steps below:

  1. Copy these jars to <STUDIO_INSTALLATION_DIR>/lib/java
  • Oracle: ojdbc5.jar
  • IBM DB2 zOS and DB2: db2jcc.jar,db2jcc_license_cu.jar,db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar
  • Informix: ifxjdbc.jar
  • Sybase: jconn3.jar

But in the subscription versions of TDQ Studio, there is an alternative to install these jars from the Modules view:

     2. In the Preferences of the Studio (Window > Preferences > Talend > Data Explorer > JDBC Drivers), add each of these .jar files into class path.

The example below describes how to add and configure the Oracle driver.

Click the Add button, then select the Oracle JDBC jar: ojdbc5.jar.

Click List Drivers in order to list the appropriate driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.

Click OK, then click OK again to close the [Preferences] dialog box. The driver is now installed.


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