How To execute a job on a remote jobserver installed in AWS

Talend Version          6.1.1


Steps to configure a studio to use a remote jobserver installed in AWS
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Product  Talend Data Integration
Component  AWS Studio jobserver
Problem Description  When my jobserver is installed in an AWS instance, how to use it as a remote execution server in Studio?
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1- AWS instance has to be configured to use a public IP with VPC
2- AWS security group / rules have to allow your studio machine to access the instance on the port
3- Jobserver has to be installed and the localhost in has to be changed to the private hostname of the AWS machine.
4- your machine is able to telnet the public IP on port 8000 when the jobserver is started
5- A new jobserver is configured in Studio ( preferences > talend > Run/Debug > Remote) with the public hostname of the AWS machine. (no username/password set)
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