About TAC LDAP User "Login field" and "Email field"

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 LDAP email and login field
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In TAC -> Settings -> Configuration -> LDAP what are the "Login field" and "Email field" used for?
Problem root cause  In TAC world, a TAC User's Login is of the form of an email address (this is the email address you enter when you login to TAC page for example). That is why the TAC User's Login is associated with the "Email field" (LDAP's attribute with an email value)
The "Login field" is the LDAP's attribute (generally the uid) which uniquely identifies the user in LDAP. This field is used by TAC (when you attempt to add a new TAC User) to check the uniqueness of this user in LDAP and to ensure you can't create another TAC User for the same LDAP user.
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