Looking forward to develop skills

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Looking forward to develop skills

I've been charged to learn Talend ten months ago to replace a developer who left the company. I came from a web development background. Left alone, I managed to overcome the urgent need to maintain the guy's project during the first 3 months, then I started to build myself some reusable techniques when I got my own project from scratch. 

I am working 90% in Open Studio for DI and the rest in ESB. Now, my ambition urges me to devour more, I envy you who works on BigData and all the other Talend assortments. I want to learn more, I can offer you 15 hours of my time per week If you can involve me in your team. I want to know how you do things since I am an autodidact who never met a decent Talend developer in action (the projects of the guy I replaced are full of bad practices). Being experienced at something is not always good, you may be experienced in doing it the wrong way.

Should you also have a mission for me, feel free to email job.navds@gmail.com


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Re: Looking forward to develop skills

Everyone has their natural skills just to understand what skills we have and do what suits your natural skills lots of people here have not done that they are good on it many wanted to become a web developer but didn't because of the not have things that have web developer as I am also wanted to become a programmer but I didn't understand things and now I am an Academic writer and provide Assignment Help London with Assignment Tutor and I have very good writing skills and also developing into professionalism.


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