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Lets remove the middle men.....

We have all seen (those of us who are contractors have anyway) the consulting "big boys" swallow up all of the Talend projects and then sub (sub sub sub sub sub .....) contract us to do the work. This way of working does not benefit anyone but the behemoth consultancies who would otherwise be floundering in the Talend world. There are several very talented Talend developers who frequent this site. The are plenty of people who are relatively new to Talend who use this site to develop their skills. It seems ridiculous to me that this collaborative forum cannot be used to bring us together (bypassing recruitment consultants and the consulting "big boys") to benefit us, Talend and those who have Talend projects that need resourcing. I am interested in bypassing these middle men and owning the Talend space with fellow Talend experts. If you are a Talend professional and interested in removing middle men from your fee, get in touch. 

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Re: Let remove the middle men.....

Talend excellent tools for fast and easy start.
This is a huge advantage of Talend and at the same time biggest problem :-)


Big Consulters - it not a problem at all,

Real Big Consulters or have those own teams, or have a long term relations with somebody, or open normal projects on upwork.com or similar sites.


The problem as usual come from some "consulters"  - they sit 24Hr in internet (what is not possible for single person), they have excellent proposal templates and catch all projects.


In best case they after open new "projects" like teach me Talend or "online consultant for 1Hr" :-) this is in best case ...

and than we meet them here with questions like:

- could You show me how todo this?

- sorry, but Your advice not work for me, could You fix it? 

- thanks, but also please add this feature

and community step by step make for them projects :-)

they never search the forum, even if solution already in the topic, for them time is money and they just hope somebody answer right what they are looking for.


It also not a problem,

the problem is - most of them do not share anything back to forum after study ... :-)

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Re: Let remove the middle men.....

The problem I was referring to @vapukov is the fact that a big consultancy will swallow up projects with absolutely no expertise in Talend and then sub contract experienced consultants to do the work. The fee for the big consultancy is £1000 a day, the fee for the consultant is £500 a day. The experienced Talend consultant is then  responsible for all design and development (and hand holding graduates that are used to simply fill seats on the project), while the project goes down as being done by the consultancy. They then walk away with a project success which they use to sell their services to other Talend clients. However they may not get that original consultant back. They settle for someone who is not as good and some of their staff that have picked up a few skills. The project ends up in a terrible state and then the Talend product is blamed.

I have seen this from having worked for Talend (in Professional Services) and having worked for myself (for the past 4 years). I am suggesting that a team of experienced Talend contractors team up and really own the Talend domain. There are advantages to every entity involved with Talend except for those who play on the fact that the Talend market is relatively under-skilled.

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Re: Lets remove the middle men.....

please do intimate me .Ihave 1 year of experience in talend data integration handled all different types of files(xml,json,csv,excel).i want to upgrade my skills more.for any details please contact me via email bhagya.rekha003@gmail.com
Thank you &regards
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Re: Lets remove the middle men.....

Its a good idea

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Re: Let remove the middle men.....

Good idea. Let me know if you have something interesting.