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A change of approach....

I am curious. I have been working as consultant for quite a few years. I have done the 6 to 18 month project cycles several times over. My concern is that after the first couple of months, my rate is probably not so justified AND I get bored doing general build work that ANY Talend developer could do ...for want of a much better better description and not wishing to discredit slightly junior Talend guys. My question is, if I were to change direction and only take on short term problem solving gigs, would that suit your organisation? A slightly higher rate BUT the understanding that it would be short term AND that your problem would be solved? Location, time and domain would be irrelevant, but you would get a first class Talend professional at  your disposal (on site or remotely) to aid in your Talend journey. This is my plan moving forward. If you are interested, get in touch.

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Re: A change of approach....

I am interested richard.